the creation of “The Twelve Steps Through the Bible Writing Guide”

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Bridges to healing relationships are built by understanding and empathy

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In-class presentation program to address the personal and social consequences of addiction


everyday unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to helping people overcome the challenges of addiction and alcoholism

Our Values

Christian Addictions Recovery Ministries Society (CHARM) believes the spiritual component is fundamental to addressing the issue of addictions recovery: that there is a primacy to the spiritual aspect, which does not diminish the importance of the scientific, and natural realms.

Charm advocates the Triune God, the Holy Bible, and liturgical worship as the cornerstones for addictions recovery for the afflicted, their families, and those who support their journey, personally and professionally.

Charm believes that educating youth about the spiritual and health effects of marijuana and vaping, provides the groundwork for making informed choices towards the prevention of unintended consequences that come with drug use.


What do you call a group of hummingbirds?

A Charm!


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