the creation of “The Twelve Steps Through the Bible Writing Guide”

Family Programs

Bridges to healing relationships are built by understanding and empathy

We need your support to continue to provide programming and services to the recovery community.
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Youth Education

In-class presentation program to address the personal and social consequences of addiction


everyday unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to helping people overcome the challenges of addiction and alcoholism

Our Mission

To educate families and youth about the potential risks of substance use; to bring them hope, and help them make better choices.

Our Values

We believe Christian values are fundamental to maintaining family unity;

We care about people being empowered to make good decisions by having access to relevant information;

We care about the health of our community and how its members are supported.

Our Vision

To create long term value for our community by providing timely resources for substance abuse prevention; and support to our youth in ways that keeps our faith thriving and families strong.

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Family Programming

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Youth Education