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We Thirst – Christian Reflections on Addiction


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“So then, while we have the opportunity, let us do good to all,
but especially to those who belong to the family of faith.”
Galatians 6:10

Providing faith-based recovery programs to individuals recovering from alcoholism and addiction

We Thirst: Christian Reflections on Addiction

A comprehensive educational series that addresses the various ways everyone is affected by substance use. Each week we will explore a different topic

Understand the Nature of Addiction

For every person challenged with substance dependency, nine others are affected; and those affected most dearly are their families, who need spiritual, emotional, and psychological support for their own process of healing. This, in turn, supports and strengthens the recovery of their loved ones.

Today, one in eight North Americans is alcoholic. During the first year of the pandemic, alcohol consumption increased 41% among women in their 40’s and 50’s; the mortality rate of overdose deaths exceeded that of Covid 19 deaths by 30% in Canada; and we are experiencing an 86.6% rise in cannabis use in BC, since the pandemic began. You are not alone.

Bridges to healing relationships are built by understanding and empathy. To support families in their struggle to understand the nature of addiction, CHARM Society is presenting a weekly online Zoom retreat beginning in January.

Retreat Topics


We Thirst: Christian Reflections on Addiction


A fairly in depth look at the latest scientific theories of how exactly substances affect the body and the mind


We will learn why addiction is referred to as a “family disease”, and how the family
can become affected, although they are not ingesting a substance


A journey through our human growth and development to consider our own core
wounds, and how we try to protect ourselves through layers of behavioural traits, which ultimately cause more harm than good


The use of a substance is often a misguided attempt to quench a spiritual thirst or craving. We will explore the missing piece to the puzzle of our lives, the God-shaped hole within each of us, and the only real way that this void can be filled

Church / Action

The We Thirst series concludes with a focus on transformative hope and a call to action. The nature of authentic Christianity will be explored, as well as what it means to be members of the Church, especially amidst the addiction and overdose epidemic

Building Community

Our final session is an opportunity to review and discuss our experiences, and to build a faith community for ongoing support.

Retreat Registration

Retreat Registration

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About the We Thirst Series Creator

Currently a Doctorate of Ministry candidate at Fordham University, Nina possesses an MA in Christian Spirituality from Loyola University Chicago, and is a Pennsylvania board certified alcohol and drug counsellor. She is married, and has two daughters.

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