Youth Education

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Teenage Marijuana Users

With the legalization of marijuana, and since the Covid 19 pandemic began, we have seen an 86.6% rise in marijuana use in BC. National health research shows that teenage marijuana users (aged 12-17) have double the prevalence of a use disorder (addiction) than nicotine, alcohol, and, in most categories of users, even prescription drug misusers. The addiction rate was as high as 20% among those who had used more than three years, and double the rate of alcohol in all categories.

Marijuana: Severe Risk to Teens

Presentation Program

British Columbia high school students are at the age where they begin to make independent decisions. In accordance with BC’s Provincial Learning Outcomes guidelines, and with assistance from accredited teachers, Charm is developing an in-class presentation program to address the personal and social consequences of addiction; and the effects of marijuana and vaping on the student’s present and future health.

Alone we go faster, together we go farther

Your contribution goes directly towards supporting this initiative. Our goal is to roll out this program in September, 2023.

Please help a young adult get on the road to a lifetime of good decisions with your support of ‘Youth Education for Informed Choice’.

‘“Research confirms that participation in effective prevention programs can cut drug use in half…These reductions (in both the prevalence and incidence), are primarily with respect to tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use’… And, ‘Prevention programs successful in reducing and/or preventing the number of individuals who abuse alcohol and drugs, contribute to reductions in later delinquency.” (Public Safety Canada Report, 1995)

“Train a youth in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not swerve from it.”
Proverbs 22:6